10 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day With Joy

nourish your spirit May 09, 2022

Ah, a good morning ritual! My morning routine is something I have come to love, cherish, and guard fiercely. My routine is filled with rituals that bring me joy, ground me and help me set my energy for the day. 

When you insert little moments of joy into your days, life becomes a little sweeter. Besides just feeling happier, morning rituals can help you: 

  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Feel More Grounded
  • Trust Yourself More

So, what are 10 morning rituals to help you start your day with joy?

1) Make A Green Juice

This is a great way to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to get out there and make your dreams come true! It can also help you feel more energized, boost your immune system, and help your digestive system cleanse any toxins from the body.

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2) Light Some Incense

For me, lighting incense is an instant dose of calm. It reminds us to slow down and breathe.

3) Meditate or Pray

Meditation and prayer come in many forms. Try visualizing yourself with the life you want to live or starting your day in gratitude for what you already have.

4) Read 10 Pages

Start your day by learning something new that excites you, or reading something inspirational.

5) Journal

Journaling is a great way to release emotions being stored in the body and to get to know yourself better. Starting your day with a journal and a pen can help you bond with you!

6) Take a Walk

Get outside in nature! Take a walk outside to activate your body and get the blood flowing. While your on your walk, observe what you see and connect to the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

7) Sit In The Sun

There are several studies that show that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to higher levels of anxiety or depression. Spend a few minutes in the sun's rays for an instant mood boost.

8) Dance To Some Music

Put on your favorite playlist and dance like no one's watching! Dancing helps move stagnant energy around and raises your vibration instantly.

9) Morning Affirmations

Spend a few moments speaking kindly to yourself and affirming that you are worthy of everything that you want. Really feel it and claim it! 

Tip: Record your voice saying affirmations out loud and listen to them first thing in the morning. Hearing your own voice repeat affirmations back to you is a total game changer.

10) Text a Love Note

Send a message of love or appreciation for someone in your life. Who can you write and let know that you love them? Who can you thank for all of their support? Who have you not spoken to lately that you're missing dearly? Tell them! Giving love is just as fun as receiving and opens us up to receive even more.

I hope that you try one of these 10 Morning Rituals and that they bring some big joy into your life. Let me know if you try these out in the comments below.


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