10 Signs That You Are Healing

nourish your mind Mar 01, 2023

When you're on the self-growth journey, it can sometimes be challenging to see the progress being made day-by-day. This can feel especially true if you're used to looking for external results as evidence of your growth vs. checking in with yourself and how you feel.

I've come to realize that progress is made moment-by-moment, and change happens from the inside out. This means that the changes will happen on the energy level first, before you see any changes in the external world around you. This is another way of saying you will feel the difference before you see the difference.

So, if you've been doing a lot of inner work and find yourself wondering, "Is anything actually changing?" keep reading because today I am sharing 10 Signs That You're Healing!

If you see yourself in any of these, trust that you are making huge strides forward, celebrate yourself for all that you've become, and keep going!


10 Signs That You Are Healing:


1. You respond differently to situations than you would have in the past

 Things that used to trigger you don't hold an emotional charge anymore. You are able to pause before responding. You no longer react from your emotions. You are more compassionate and understanding of others.


 2. You are less focused on what people around you are doing

 Your focus has shifted. You're letting people do what they want to do and be who they want to be.You know that what other people are doing has little to do with you and the way that you feel. You're focused on becoming the person you want to be and sharing that with the world.


3. You regularly check in with yourself and how you feel

 You take time regularly throughout the day to check in with your emotional state.  You are deeply in tune with the way you are feeling. You care about how you feel and feel worthy of feeling good. You are no longer addicted to your own pain and suffering.


4. You feel genuinely happy for other people's success

Someone tells you good news and you feel genuinely happy for them. You know that their success does not diminish yours. You can be happy for their version of success even if it's different from your version of success. You enjoy celebrating others.


5. You easily say "no" to things that you used to struggle with

 You are offered something that you used to use as an emotional crutch and can easily turn it down. You decide not to make that impulse purchase. You feel confident not drinking in social situations. You are able to turn down plans that don't excite you. It is becoming easier and easier for you to say no to things that don't serve you.


6. You prioritize rest and caring for yourself

You recognize the importance of resting. You take time away from "doing" to just be. You feel comfortable disconnecting from the outside world. You've broken free of "hustle culture" and needing to be available 24/7. You know that rest makes you a better person, partner, colleague, etc.


7. You're able to hold space for others

 In conversations, you find yourself doing less talking and more listening. You are able to hold space for other people to process their emotions without taking them on as your own or projecting your own fears onto them. You are a safe space for yourself and others.


8. You enjoy giving as much as receiving

 You have found joy in giving with no expectation of anything in return. You allow service to others to fill you up. There is a balanced and consistent flow of giving and receiving in your life.


9. You have time carved out in your life to create and play

You regularly take time to create or play with no expectation. You can try new things and allow yourself to be bad at them.  You enjoy creating for the sake of creating. You make time to do all of the things you love to do.


10. You know that the only person that really knows what is right for you is you

You've stopped looking for the answers to your questions outside of you. You check in with yourself to know what step to take. You trust that you know what is best for you. You need less outside influence or opinions from others to make decisions.


My wish for you is that you see yourself in this list, and that it inspires you to keep going, growing, and evolving into the person you came here to be! If you have another sign and want to share it with the community, finish the sentence in the comments "I knew I was healing when...."

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