5 Benefits of Being Still

nourish your spirit Jan 11, 2023

New Year, New You! 

A New Year brings forward new energy and new possibilities! It gives us a sense of excitement and hope for a brighter future. It reconnects us with our dreams, and inspires us to take action.

This time of year, businesses and marketing strategies will tell you that this is the time to go, go, go and do, do, do. You may be thinking, "If I just work harder, wake up earlier, start this workout routine, or buy this product, then I'll get to where I want to be this year".

But what if I told you that the opposite is actually true?

What if I told you that if you were to take less action, your goals and dreams would actualize quicker? 

What if the idea that we have to "work really hard" to get what we want is simply not true?

And what if we could allow ourselves to feel worthy of everything we want just by being?

These were all questions that I found myself asking coming into the New Year, so I decided to give it a go.

That's right! My New Year's Resolution this year is to "do less and be more". I've decided to go against the grain (something I've come to love about myself) and have been actively practicing doing nothing since December.

Every day, I spend 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evening sitting in complete stillness. At first, it was a major challenge. In fact, it felt similar to going through withdrawal. My mind was busy, my ego was dying, and my energy was pulling in different directions. But with consistency and practice, I am now reaping the benefits of being still.

Today, I am sharing these benefits with you, in hopes to inspire you to do less, and be more this year.

Here are 5 Benefits of Being Still:

1. Detach From Distractions

The moment you allow yourself to sit in stillness, it will become clear what you've been using to distract yourself from how you feel. It could be your phone, social media, food, substances, you name it! Our ego uses different things to keep us from checking in and connecting with our own energy. This is because the moment we become aware of our ego, it starts to lose power over us, as we are no longer identifying as it.

This is what is called "An Awakening"-- the process of disconnecting from the ego and becoming aware of who we are: an energetic being connected to the source of everything. 

Sitting in stillness allows you to not only uncover what you've been using to distract yourself, but to actually detach from them. This is the start of building your awareness and awakening to the power that is within you.

2. Uncover Conditioned Thoughts/Programming

 As you sit in stillness, you start to become more aware of your ego. The ego is essentially the stories that we tell ourselves, or the thoughts that are running on autopilot daily without our conscious awareness. The ego is typically made up of past conditioning we've picked up from our caregivers, society, media, or beliefs that we developed about ourselves through past experiences. 

As you sit in stillness and practice observing your thoughts, you may be astonished by the stories you've been telling yourself! You may come to realize that most of the thoughts you think are actually not true, disempowering, and that you've been bringing your past into your present moment. This explains why we get caught in cycles of behavior, and keep creating similar experiences or circumstances in our lives.

The good news: awareness of conditioned thoughts and programming is the first step to rewiring the subconscious mind. To put it simpler, detaching from the story you've been telling yourself is the first step to rewriting a new one.

3. Create A New Future

As you continue to sit in stillness, detached from distractions, and aware of your conditioned thoughts, you will reach a moment where you are fully in the present moment. This will feel almost like floating! You start to feel as though you are less matter (physical 3-D) and more energy (vibration or particle). 

From this state, you are ready to create your new future without taking physical action, but by sitting in stillness. This is the time for you to start rewiring your brain for a new future. By visualizing what you want to bring into your life, you can start to positively affirm that it is on the way, and change your state of being (your emotional state). This is another way of saying "raise your vibration". At this point, you are shifting from a place of worry, fear or lack into a state of joy, gratitude, and love. 

In other words, just by sitting in stillness and "doing nothing" you are recreating yourself, changing how you feel, and putting yourself in a position to attract a new future. 

4. Change Your Level Of Consciousness

Albert Eisenstein once said, "We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”. 

But what does this actually mean? When you have a question or are focused on a problem, you are not in vibrational alignment with the answer or solution. This means, that you have to change your level of consciousness to become in alignment with the solution.

Have you ever been upset about something, and decided to give yourself some time before responding? Within that 24 hours, you then found that you are no longer upset about the situation, and right response is now clear?

This is one of the amazing benefits of being still. As you sit in stillness, you raise your level of consciousness, which means you are no longer focused on the problem, and are open to receive the solution.

You allow the energy or emotion of the situation to move through you, detach from your thoughts or the story you're telling about it, and shift into higher level of consciousness. You then become open to receive the solution. More about that below!

5. Open Yourself Up To Receive Ideas/Guidance

As you sit in stillness, you start to bring balance to your brain, and the energy centers of the body. Your nervous system is no longer in fight or flight, and the energy centers of the body start to come into alignment. 

The energy center that is associated with new ideas, and divine guidance is the crown chakra. This is the energy center located at the top of the head. As you sit in stillness, you put yourself in a position to receive solutions to problems, new ideas, and inspiration. 

Because the ideas and inspiration came from that place of stillness, you are then able to take action only on those things. This is where "doing less and getting there faster" comes into play. When we trust that our action is divinely guided or coming from the quantum field of possibilities, as opposed to coming from the ego pushing or forcing, we can trust that it is the right action to take, and as a result those actions go so much further. 

This is the difference between doing for the sake of doing, and taking inspired action. The best way to open yourself up to this inspired action is to sit in stillness and trust that it will come. 


I hope that these 5 Benefits of Being Still will inspire you to spend more time in stillness this year!

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Have you experienced any of these benefits for yourself? Share in the comments below!


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