8 Permission Slips To Give Yourself Today

nourish your spirit Mar 08, 2023

 Creating a better life doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, most of the time all we need is to give ourselves permission to start living it. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

The trouble is, that most of the time we're walking around waiting for the permission slip to come from someone or something outside of us.

We may think, "Once I get _____, then I can be ____" or "I'll be able to rest once ______ happens". 

The truth is, if we keep waiting and wishing for the world to give us permission to start really living and loving our lives, we will wait forever.

In fact, I've found that life will continue to present us with experiences that guide us right back to ourselves, and this is perfectly designed to show us that the only permission we've ever needed was our own.

This week, I am sharing 8 permission slips to give yourself today so you can stop waiting and start living.


1. Permission To Dream Big

Do you shut down your dreams because you think they are too big? Think again! You were given the exact vision of your "dream life" for a reason-- because it is possible for you and you are here to experience it. Know that if you can imagine it, you can bring it to life. There is no dream too big.


2. Permission To Rest

Your value and worth are not determined by how much you "do" and "accomplish" in this lifetime. Give yourself permission to rest when you need it -- guilt free. Know that the action you do take from that rested place will actually get you further because it will have come from a clearer more aligned place. 

Go slow to go fast.


3. Permission To Be Happy

Are you waiting for something to happen before you allow yourself to be happy? Maybe it's a specific accomplishment... a milestone... meeting the "right" person that will come along and "make you happy".

 One of the best and worst days of my life was when I finally got the thing that I thought would make me happy, and realized it didn't change a thing. No amount of accolades, money, or things will bring you happiness.

Your power comes from the realization that you can give yourself permission to be happy, right now, in this moment. 


4. Permission To Let Go

This is for my fellow "planners" and "control freaks" trying to plan their way through life. The truth is, we have very little control over the "how" when it comes to the way that our lives will unfold.

Our job is to get clear on what we want and move towards it, and allow the rest to unfold. The more we can let go of the outcome, the smoother the ride will be.


5. Permission To Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgiveness doesn't mean that a person stays in your life, or that you are "okay" with their actions and behavior. It just means that you are willing to set yourself free from the emotions you are holding onto towards them. 

Want to dive even deeper?

Typically, the person we really need to forgive isn't someone else at all. We are actually being asked to forgive ourselves. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for anything and everything you've ever done that you're ashamed of. Yes, even that thing.


6. Permission To Live Your Life The Way You Want To

 This is your life and you get to decide how you want to live it! You don't need approval or permission from anyone else. Follow the life that excites you and lights you up the most, and know that it is okay if other people don't "get it". 

We are each here to pave our own way. The more you step into your unique way of doing things and living life, the more you will inspire others to be okay with their own way too.


7. Permission To Have WAY More Fun

 This is one I've been working on a lot lately! Do you have a habit of taking life super seriously? If so, ask yourself how you can start to have WAY more fun while creating the life you want.

It can be as simple as asking yourself, "How can I have the most fun brushing my teeth today?"

Give yourself permission to enjoy every single thing you do. Because, why the heck not?


8. Permission To Love And Be Loved

If you've hurt or been hurt in the past, it's possible that you've closed down your heart. It can be scary to open yourself up again, to be vulnerable and allow yourself to be seen by others.

Give yourself permission to open back up again. Any time you feel yourself closing or contracting, see if you can open up instead. Trust that it is safe for you to love and be loved. 


I hope this blog inspires you to give yourself each of these permission slips today and moving forward!

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