How To Shift Out Of A Bad Mood

nourish your mind nourish your spirit Jan 18, 2023

 So, you've found yourself in a bad mood. First, know that this is completely normal and happens to us all from time to time! For most of us, our moods fluctuate several times throughout the day as we experience life and people and situations.

But what if I told you that you have more power than you think when it comes to the way you feel?

Let's break down what exactly a "bad mood" is anyway. In energy terms, a bad mood means that your state of being has dropped to a frequency where you're experiencing dense emotions like guilt, fear, worry, frustration, anger, etc.

Your state of being is made up of two things: The thoughts that you think, and the emotions or energy they are producing. This means, you can change the way that you feel by changing your thoughts about something.

Now, I understand that this is easier said than done, but with some practice and grace I promise it will get easier! If you're reading this blog, it means that you care about how you feel, you've noticed that you're experiencing these emotions, and you're ready and willing to shift out of it. 

So, how can you change your state of being when you've got quite a bit of momentum going on around something that's bothering you?

Follow these steps to Shift Out Of A Bad Mood... 

1. Surrender The Problem 

The first step is to become aware of what you've been thinking about that's caused this momentum to get going. Are you upset about something that happened at work? Worried about your financial situation? Unsure when you will meet your soul mate?

Now that you've uncovered the root of thinking that has gotten you here, make a decision to give up the problem for the time being. You can do this by understanding that the solution to the problem you're thinking about can't come to you at the vibration you're currently operating at, and decide that you're willing to let it be for now. 

Here is a very simple exercise to help with this: 

Grab a piece of paper and draw a clear line down the middle. On the top left side write your name, and on the top right side write "universe", "God", "higher guidance", whatever word you resonate with most.

Next, write the problem on the right side of the page. For example, if it is a financial worry, write "How Money Will Come To Me". If it is about finding a partner, write "When/Where I Will Meet My Soul Mate".

By taking this off of your to-do list and surrendering it to your higher self/divine guidance, you're acknowledging to yourself that you're willing to give up the worry or the problem for now.

2. Get Off The Subject

Now that you've done this, commit to getting off the subject. The mind is going to try to convince you that you need to keep thinking and festering about this problem or situation. Each time it does this, remind yourself of these two things:

A. The solution can't come from the current energy you're sitting in

B. It's no longer your job- you've delegated that task for the time being

3. Get Moving

Next, it's time reset your nervous system. Chances are, if you've got a lot of momentum going around a problem and it's causing you to feel emotions like fear, frustration, or worry, your nervous system is currently in the sympathetic state (fight, flight, or freeze mode). This means that your brain is signaling your body to release stress hormones in a moment where there is not actually a threat to your well being.

We want to get the body moving so we can break up those dense energies and shift you to a higher frequency! This can be as simple as "shaking it off". Somatic Shaking is a great exercise you can do to signal your brain to shift your nervous system back into the parasympathetic state (back to rest and restore mode).

One of my favorite songs to shake to is Tribal Tranceformation by Om At Last. Listen to it on Spotify Here!

Turn it on and shake your body for 2-3 minutes, consciously breathing in and out with the intention to release that fear, frustration, or worry.

*If you are not in a place where you are able to somatic shake, going on a quick walk or moving into another room with the intention to leave that energy behind can also work!*

4. Find The State Of Appreciation

Now, come back into a state of rest, and feel your body starting to relax. Take some big breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. You are now ready to consciously choose your new state of being. One of the best ways to lift yourself into a better mood is to get into a state of appreciation for the present moment. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions we can experience.

Grab a piece of paper, and write out a full page of everything you appreciate about the moment you're in. This could be appreciation for your body, your breath, your health, the space you're in, the people in your life, etc. 

Don't stop until you've filled an entire page up with things you appreciate! As you do this, you are training your thoughts into a positive direction and you will start to feel your energy rise.

5. Sit In Your Power

Lastly, come into a place of stillness and notice how you are feeling. Put your awareness on the center of your stomach (your solar plexus). This is the energy center that is associated with your personal power. Acknowledge yourself for how powerful you are for being willing and able to completely change your state of being.

Next, move your awareness into your heart. Give yourself some big love for being willing to shift out of the bad mood you were in. Give yourself gratitude for doing these practices! 

Now, you are ready to move forward with your day, and know that you can come back to these tools anytime you feel yourself building momentum around a problem or slipping into a bad mood. Remind yourself often that you always have the power to shift and are worthy of feeling good!

P.S. You may be surprised at how quickly the solutions to your problems or worries come in once you surrender the problem and choose to feel good instead. Once you get yourself into alignment, you will become a match for all that you're wanting!

If you want some 1:1 guidance releasing denser energies like fear, worry, or frustration from the body, an Energy Healing Session could be for you. Click Here to learn more and schedule a session. 

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