8 Weeks To Holistic Bliss

A deeply transformational 8-week coaching program designed to help you relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic symptoms naturally

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Hey, Love! Tell me, does this sound like you?

You've been struggling with your health for a while now, experiencing chronic pain, and symptoms that won't seem to go away

You've found yourself in a frustrating cycle of doctors appointments that lead to prescriptions that you’ve already tried, and taking them just doesn't feel right to you

You're tired of feeling rushed, dismissed, and like your voice is not being heard at your appointments

So, You've Taken Things Into Your Own Hands...

You've taken a deep dive into the wellness world and have become aware of all of the conflicting information out there.

SO MANY different diets, theories, and people claiming to have all of the answers:

 "Low fat is the way to go!" 

"KETO & Intermittent Fasting!"

"Eliminate all of the toxins!"

"Your health & beauty products are making you sick!"

You may be thinking...

"Where's The Balance In All Of This, And Where Do I Even Start?"


If You're Like Me, The Next Phase Looked Like This...

You're trying all of the elimination diets, juice cleanses, fasting, and nothing is working

You're barely eating because you're afraid of the pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones in your food

You're feeling extremely overwhelmed by all of the noise of the health & wellness world

You're going broke looking for answers, with no improvement

You honestly just don't know what to do anymore, and you're starting to lose hope


"I'm doing EVERYTHING right, why am I not healing?"


This Used To Be Me, And Now I'm Here To Help... 

Imagine for a moment... 

Having a deeper understanding of yourself & what your mind & body needs

Eating a wide variety of foods that feel so nourishing to your body

Waking up feeling excited, refreshed, and pain free

Feeling empowered to make choices around your health & wellness from a place of deep connection to your inner guidance & intuition

Feeling balanced, and completely transformed into a version of you that you that feels whole & happy


It's All Possible For You...

 Let's Bring You Back Into Balance...

 8 Weeks To Holistic Bliss

A deeply transformational 8-week coaching program designed to help you relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic symptoms naturally

  • Eight 60-minute LIVE zoom calls with structured content
  • One 60-minute Reiki Healing Session at Week 3 to enhance emotional and physical healing
  • Weekly Practices & Educational Handouts to help you integrate content between sessions
  • Continuous email support in between calls

$600.00 USD

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Hey, I'm Gina!

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner with a passion for all things holistic health, energy medicine, and the mind-body connection. After years of living with chronic pelvic pain, inflammation, recurrent BV, yeast infections, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, and depression, I healed! And now I am here to empower you.

You see, you can eat all of the kale in the world, but if you are at war with yourself and living in a chronic state of stress, your body can't do what it is designed to do: heal itself naturally. I work with my clients to bring balance to their mind, body & spirit simultaneously through holistic practices that help them repair their relationship with themselves & their intuition.

I will teach you how to shift from giving your power to heal away to everything outside of you, to listening to your body & finding the answers within you.

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"Over the course of the program, something just clicked for me and it was as if a switch was flipped. I began to feel unstoppable and full of confidence and love for myself. I feel like I opened a door to endless possibilities."

- Angela D.

 I Will Guide You To Become Your Own Best Healer 

You Will Learn...

 Week 1: Holistic Healing Basics

What It Means To Take a Holistic Approach To Your Health & Well-Being, Understand Your Nervous System & The Importance Of Nervous System Regulation On Your Healing Journey

Week 2: Nutrition & Nourishment

A Guide to Intuitive Eating: How To Listen To & Nourish Your Body From A Place Of Love, How To Connect Back To Nature Through Food, & How To Stock A Pantry Full Of Natural Immune Boosters

Week 3: Emotional Health & Energy Medicine

Learn About Your Body's Seven Main Energy Centers, How To Listen To & Integrate Your Body's Messages, And Four Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Your Intuition

*Reiki Energy Healing Session At Week 3 To Help Facilitate Physical & Emotional Healing*

Week 4: Caring For Your Mind Through Meditation

How To Care For Your Mental Health Through Meditation & Mindfulness, Learn Embodiment Practices To Help You Relieve Stress & Anxiety & Simple Ways To Connect To The Present Moment Throughout The Day 

Week 5: Relationships

Learn How To Honor Yourself, Your Time & Your Energy, How To Set Healthy Boundaries with Yourself & With Others

Week 6: Home & Living

Learn 3 Ways To Create A Calm Living Space, Easy Ways To Declutter, How To Create New Sacred Spaces In Your Home That Promote Healing

Week 7: Connecting To Nature

Understanding The Importance Of Returning To Nature On Your Healing Journey, Learn Grounding Practices To Heal The Nervous System & Relieve Stress

Week 8: Living Your Purpose

How To Turn Past Experiences & Passionate Fears Into Inspired Action, 3 Ways To Live A Purpose Filled Life, Gain Clarity & Set Intentions Moving Forward 

$600.00 USD

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"I view myself in a different light, a brighter light. I feel I have changed my thought patterns allowing me to feel more accepting and confident of who I am just as I am now. Finding a new sense of my own power in a different way I never considered is my biggest takeaway."

- Lisa P.

 This Is So Much More Than A Nutrition Program.. It Is An Opportunity To Completely Transform Your Life & Heal

This Program Is For You If...

  • You are struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, or chronic symptoms

  • You are tired of trial and error, and want an approach that works

  • You are ready & excited to take responsibility for your health & well-being

  • You want to use a holistic approach and holistic healing methods to bring your mind body and spirit back into balance

    This Program Is NOT For You If...

  • You are not ready to take responsibility for your health & healing
  • You do not believe healing is possible for you
  • You are deeply attached to your diagnosis or health condition, and are not willing to release it
  • You want to see a Doctor- I am not a doctor and do not offer diagnosis/treatment!

*Please only apply if you are ready to make some big changes in your life*

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