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Hey, I'm Gina!

 After years of struggling with my mental and physical health and living in chronic pain, I hit the breaking point that launched my awakening in 2018. From there, I started taking responsibility back for my own life, choices, health and well-being.

I implemented holistic practices into my daily routine, detoxed my body with a high nutrition-based diet, and started uncovering and releasing the emotional baggage that was being held in my body.

One by one, my symptoms slowly disappeared as my body came back into balance naturally.

Now, I am on a mission to help other people rediscover their own power, become the best version of themselves, and feel good from the inside out.

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Welcome to

Heal with Gina!

A holistic healing service dedicated to helping you relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic symptoms naturally.



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Tell Me, Does This Sound Like You...

Are you currently struggling with your mental or physical health?

Do you keep experiencing the same symptoms over and over again?

Are you feeling stuck in what feels like an endless cycle of Doctor's appointments and prescriptions with no end in sight?

If this sounds like you - I totally feel you! This was me just a few short years ago.

After years of struggling and lots of trial & error, I not only healed my own body, but discovered my passion along the way.

Now, I am here to help you uncover the deeper layer underneath your symptoms so that you can take your power back and heal too. You see, symptoms are our body's way of communicating with us: we just need to be willing to tune in and listen.

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